A Message from Tim Miller

I enjoy helping families evaluate and resolve all types of inheritance disputes using the many tools available through court action or other alternatives. Filing a lawsuit is sometimes necessary. But the court process can also seem slow, somewhat unpredictable, and costly. Sometimes it is the only option, and sometimes it is the best option. There are many flexible solutions possible outside of the courtroom for probate and trust disputes, and I encourage clients to consider those alternatives from the beginning, as well as during the litigation process. In some cases, creating a settlement can be the most beneficial and complete way to solve the challenges of inheritance disputes. I am here to evaluate your case and work with you to determine what course of action is best for you.

By investigating and assessing all possible outcomes with the client, we compare the litigation process to the alternatives of attempting possible settlement. Gathering information can be essential to either predicting the outcome of a case or working out alternative solutions. There are many ways to proceed with collecting information, including informal requests or more formalized court procedures such as subpoenas and depositions. In my experience, developing the facts can often lead to collaborative resolutions of a case. It is helpful to note that any issue in a probate estate can be resolved by agreement between the parties, if all parties concur. Similarly, trust disputes can also be settled by agreement, and trusts can be modified with– and sometimes without– the need for court approval.

The issues in every case are unique! I would be pleased to talk with you about the issues you may be struggling with in the probate or trust process.